Hello my name is Paul Tallentire and i am a Fully Qualified Cuddle Therapist and I am based in Newcastle upon Tyne.

So what exactly is professional cuddling?

Professional cuddling is a fully-clothed, non-sexual service for those who are in need of more reassuring physical contact. It involves hugging, snuggling, hand-holding, light shoulder or back rubbing, brushing or running fingers through hair, and other similar types of affectionate contact according to what individually makes you feel peaceful and comforted.

A minimum 20 second cuddle releases the love hormone oxytocin- which is the natural chemical which makes you feel good.

(We need 4 hugs a day for survival, 8 hugs a day for maintenance and 12 hugs a day for growth).

Virginia Satir.

Why i decided to become a Cuddle Therapist.

I wanted to become a cuddle therapist, because i love cuddling people and giving and receiving cuddles.

When i cuddle people, it feels like i am my true loving, compassionate and giving self and its a joy to be able to make people feel accepted and appreciated. We all deserve to feel special, heard and held!

A while ago I found a cuddle therapist and after a couple of visits with her I felt a lot better.

After finding a cuddle therapist, my life was changing so much. I was becoming my true self and finding my true identity, new friends and interests.  I know have lots of new friends who have now come into my life…I feel blessed. Life has never felt so good!

One day I decided to approach a dear of friend of mine Karen and we talked one day about the joy of cuddling and the benefits it can bring…we then decided to do our Cuddle Therapist qualification in order to pursue this wonderful gift of human contact.

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