The Cuddle Sutra


The Three T’s of Cuddling

There is no wrong way to cuddle, but there are ways to make your cuddles more intimate and enjoyable. Here are the three T’s of cuddling to keep in mind, which can be applied to almost any cuddling position in the book.

TALK—once you are physically communicating with your partner through the cuddle, verbal communication will have even more of an impact. From goofy pillow talk to those quiet monumental conversations about hopes, dreams, and wishes, share what you are thinking and feeling—the impact of your cuddles will be even more intense.

TOUCH—While your bodies may be tied up in knots around each other in some of these positions, your hands always have at least some range of motion to touch your partner. There are at least four basic types of touch that work particularly well with cuddles: caressing, tickling, scratching, and light fingertip touch—use them all!

TOGETHERNESS—Gravity is a remarkable tool for cuddling, and one that should never be shied away from. In whatever position you find yourselves, take advantage of any opportunity to let the full weight of your body rest effortlessly on your partner. Whether it is your whole body or just an arm or leg, allow the full heft of your bodies to make the cuddle more comforting and substantial.

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