Cuddle Therapy

I am a Fully Qualified Cuddle Therapist.

So what exactly is professional cuddling?

Professional cuddling is a fully-clothed, non-sexual service for those who are in need of more reassuring physical contact. It involves hugging, snuggling, hand-holding, light shoulder or back rubbing, brushing or running fingers through hair, and other similar types of affectionate contact according to what individually makes you feel peaceful and comforted.

A minimum 20 second cuddle releases the chemical oxytocin- the feel good chemical.

(We need 4 hugs a day for survival. We need 8 hugs a day for maintenance. We need 12 hugs a day for growth).

Virginia Satir.

Why i decided to become a Cuddle Therapist.

I wanted to become a cuddle therapist, because I love cuddling people and giving and receiving cuddles.

When i cuddle people, it feels like i am my true loving, compassionate and giving self and its a joy to be able to make people feel accepted and appreciated. We all deserve to feel special, heard and held!

 A few years ago I found a cuddle therapist and after a couple of visits with her I felt a lot better.

A few years after finding my cuddle therapist, my life was changing so much. I was becoming my true self and finding my true identity, new friends and interests.  This last couple of years a lot of new friends have now come into my life…I feel blessed. Life has never felt so good!

I approached a dear of friend of mine Karen and we talked one day about the joy of cuddling and the benefits it can bring…we then decided to do our Cuddle Therapist qualification in order to pursue this wonderful gift of human contact.

The Cuddle Therapy Session.

Preparing for the session:

All you have to worry about is your hygiene and comfort! Just make sure you have showered and brushed your teeth and you aren’t carrying any strong smells (heavy perfume, cigarette smoke etc), and wear or bring whatever you would feel comfortable relaxing in. If you’d like to have your hair brushed during your session, please bring your favourite brush. You may even want to bring your own favourite blanket to cuddle in with!

At the session:

What we do in the session ABSOLUTELY depends upon your level of comfort and your boundaries,We will spend some time discussing boundaries and you will have the chance to talk about any concerns and ask any questions you may have.

We may cuddle for a set amount of time, we can cuddle for some of the time and then hold hands, we may cuddle for a bit and then have a break and then cuddle again. We may talk or not talk, we may have some music or silence. I may brush you hair or stroke your hair. It really is down to you, whatever you want I will provide.

I may come to you for a Cuddle Therapy Session in a place where you feel familiar and most comfortable.

The session is yours and you decide what you would like to do with the time.

Everything that is said during the session, is kept confidential.

Prices are £40 for 1 Hour. If you would like the session to last for longer please ask me.

Over 18`s only & Women only.

If you are struggling with money, please don`t let that be a barrier to you coming to me for my services.

I am also happy to do trade swaps, i am open to offers, so please ask me if you are interested.

Prices £40 for 1 Hour. Then available in increments of 30 minutes after that £25 per 30 minutes. Over 18s & Women only.

We all could do with some TLC Tender Loving Care from time to time or in this case some Touch Loving Cuddles.

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