Hello my name is Paul Tallentire

My Soul Journey.

Although I did not realize it at first, I started on my soul journey in 2014, when I had recently met someone for an angel card reading, who then asked if I wanted to try some Reiki, of which I was ready and open to give it a try.

At this point I my life was not going anywhere, except for doing some volunteer work, as I had been made redundant a few years before and I had tried being self employed as a handyman, but that stopped as I knew changes needed to happen in my life and I did not have any friends and I had not had a relationship with anyone, so I knew in 2014 I needed counselling and the Reiki treatment I had, I know helped guide me to find someone who could help me and that is when I found Marnie at the Vault in Wallsend.

I went into counselling because I had never had a relationship with anyone and as soon as counselling began, some issues that I did not know I had, came up in front of me and some issues that I was struggling with also came up.
I have now spent nearly 2 years nearly every week with Marnie, some of which was counselling and some of the time was life coaching, Marnie took me through the Dark Night of the Soul and she taught me the biggest lessons, Self Empowerment, Self Love, Trusting Myself and how to Let Go, she pushed me into a big shift to remove my trust issue and my trust issue was with men, but I actually i did not trust myself, so now I trust myself for the first time ever.

I was attracting the wrong people into my life and I did not have any friends and I was lonely for 38 years.
So because I did the hard work with the help of a fabulous counselor, I have removed my blocks, my trust issue with myself, my fears and my control issue is going away and my ego is dying.

Now I have loads of friends, I am being me, my true self, I trust myself, I love myself, I accept myself, I believe in myself, I have no fear. Marnie has helped me so much, she has help me stretch myself well out of my comfort zone and i have grown a huge amount and she has given me the power to be my True Self and I now have the power to help other people, because I am now in balance with myself, I have the power to help other people on their soul journey.

I have the power to help you transform you into who you are meant to be, I may teach you how to be your true self and love your self, accept yourself and how to let go and go with the flow.

If you want to really have a better life and move forward, you can’t do that by hiding from issues and problems, if you don’t want to sort things out, because you may hurt someone and because you are in fear of what might happen or what might come out, when you look at who you really are, but the thing is, you can’t move forward with a better life until you learn lessons and deal with what is deep inside you and deal with your karma, it all makes you very tired and unwell.

I have been there and right through the Dark Knight of the Soul and felt very vulnerable and I did not know who I was and I was totally confused and I had lots of questions in my head and I was overloaded with emotions and feelings and my body was in a lot of pain and I really don’t know how on earth I really got through each day, but I got through my stuff with help and support every step of the way.

My life has now totally been transformed and i am still learning and growing, but I have found peace and self love and I know how to deal with anything, there is nothing I can’t handle in the universe.

I understand the relationship with myself entirely and I love myself entirely and I may now help YOU and remove your issues and problems and blocks and help you love yourself, in a safe nurturing supportive space.

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