My Mission

​My mission is to look after the earth and the people and help everyone learn there lessons and teach them about self love, because when you learn your lessons and have self love everything else falls into place and your whole world changes, because we all vibrate on different frequencies and when you have fear and a lack of self love, you are vibrating on a lower level and then you are attracting into your world everything which you don’t want, so when you learn your lessons and learn self love, you raise your vibration and you can then attract and manifest, what you want, self love is not selfish, because YOU come first, what YOU want is paramount to making YOU happy and then and only then can you really help others, if that does not happen, you will wear yourself out and everything will be a problem, we are all energy, everything is energy, if you want better relationships with everyone and everything, you have to learn self love and turn yourself into pure love.

I may help teach everyone who is open and ready your lessons and I may help you get rid of your FEAR, which is false evidence appearing real, so FEAR does not exist, EGO, BELIEFS and FEARS, do not exist, you DO NOT need your EGO to survive, no one needs to do anything, people who are in a needy place is the wrong place to be, what you want is fine.

I have a HUGE mission now to help people and I have learnt my lessons and I am pure love, I get everything right because I am pure love and totally come from the right place and I do not have limits, my universe is infinite and the universe itself is infinite and I understand my universe and also the whole universe out there. I am building a community with The Vault in Wallsend, but also with my soul family, my soul tribe and I am not just building a community in Wallsend, I am building a community in the north east, but my job in the universe is about the universe, so my bigger picture is building a community for anyone out there.

But I can’t do this alone and I have help with my soul family and friends, but me and my soul family and friends really would like your help, me & the people connected to www.the-vault.org and www.worldpeacetyneside.com are looking for your help as volunteers, to help in all sorts of ways, I am looking to put on our own fairs and festivals and events, we are looking for anyone who would like to help.

So if you would like to help in any way, please get in touch.

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