Self Love Coach

Hello everyone if you are struggling with any problems and or issues, I am here to help YOU, I am here to listen with Empathy and Compassion, I don’t Judge, I will treat YOU with Unconditional Love and Support, we have all been through and still are going through tough times, a lot of us have been Abused, Abandoned, Rejected, some of us feel Guilty or Shameful from what has happened to us, your inner child may have been deeply affected, as our problems come from childhood or teenage years and that child was never and has never been allowed to grow and grow up to be an adult, so we carry out inner child around, not knowing it is still wounded.

We find it hard to communicate to people as our Communication skills have never been developed enough to talk to someone about our past hurt and because we don’t know how to solve our past hurt, we still carry this hurt with us today and we may have a Rebel inside of us wanting to break free, we feel Insecure all the time, because we don’t Trust our-self and we don’t know how to ask for help and support and we are not letting go and we don’t know how to use our Intuition, because we are listening to our Ego and our Ego is telling us lies, even though we think it is telling us the Truth and we have Core Beliefs and Core Values which are negative so they are wrong and Ego Beliefs and our Fears, don’t even exist anyway and then because we are in our Ego and coming from Fear, we have Low Self Esteem, because we are not standing in our Power and we try to Control everything, instead of standing in out Power and we don’t know how to set our own Boundaries or Limits, so we let people step into our own Boundaries & people push us past our Limits, so we then put Restrictions on people & ourselves & we loose any Freedom we may have had, even though all we want is to be totally liberated & set free from all Boundaries, Limits & Restrictions.

The key is Self Love, but we are all programmed to help others and not ourselves, which is wrong very wrong, we have to have Self Love first, we have to love ourselves first and then when we have self love we are not being selfish & then & only then may we help others, we also have to step out of our Comfort Zone, in order that we grow, we can’t grow to become who we truly are if we don’t step outside our Comfort Zone, when you step outside your Comfort Zone that is where your happiness is, we only make a Bond with people who truly love us, but we have to love our-self first & always tell the Truth, we only ever do anything to our-self, we only hurt our-self, if you don’t tell the Truth, you have only hurt yourself, the only hidden enemy we have is our EGO, your EGO is hurting you, when your are in your EGO, you are in the Matrix & in the Illusion but the Matrix & the Illusion don’t exist.

We can have intense friendships and relationships and we can have open relationships and have the intimacy we want, there are different levels of intense friendships and relationships, it is fine to love more than one person at the same time and deeply love more than one person as well, we can help other people only when we help our-self first with self love, we can have the life we want and do what we want, when we want, there is no quick fix, you have to do the work and then you will receive your reward, which is the life you dream of, you have to learn your lessons and step of the karmic wheel. The only person that holds You back is YOU.

If you are struggling, i am here if you just want to talk, i am not bothered about money, i am here if you want to have a chat and i may help you and also i may guide you to what to do next, i may also help you to see someone who does therapies that i don`t do, i am looking to add a lot more therapies very soon, i understand me entirely, so i understand you, no one may move forward without help and support, sometimes people make excuses that everything is fine, when it is not, sometimes people put off asking for help for various reasons, sometimes people put things off, hoping things will get better, when it will not, it is never easy to take the step of asking for help, but if you don`t ask for help, you will remain where you are, i may help you, i also know lots of people who may help you.

So if you are struggling, please think deeply about asking for help, nothing is weird to me and no one does anything wrong.

I look after myself first, but everything i do is not for me, it is for YOU and you are the universe.

I listen to myself, so i listen to everyone.
I have self love, I love myself entirely.
I have NO issues.
I am here to help and support YOU.
I am pure love.
I understand YOU.

Lots of love everyone.

I may help you, on An Emotional Level, A Physical Level, A Mental Level & A Spiritual Level.

I may help you visualize things, I may help you write things down, I may help you be more creative.


Price is £30 for 1 Hour. If you would like the session to last for longer please ask me, i am flexible with my time.

If you are struggling with money, please don`t let that be a barrier to you coming to me for my services, as i do help people for free.

I am also happy to do trade swaps, I am open to offers, so please ask me if you are interested. 2021