I will be doing Cuddle Workshops

The workshops will be:

~ A safe, warm, loving space to slow down, breathe, and explore intimacy, affection, and touch with friends and people you don’t yet know

~ A foundational set of simple, easy rules to help keep everyone on the same page and to able to trust one another (and themselves) more deeply 

~ A short introduction to the philosophy behind Cuddle Therapy and why these workshops were started

~ Activities to reconnect to the self and each other through breath to help shed light and feel more at ease about the pressure around intimacy that exists within each of us and society in general

~ An opportunity to ask the questions and start the conversations you may normally be too shy to share around honesty and connection

~ Open, honest discussion around safety, boundaries, sexuality and clarity

~ A group of others who are curious, interested in, and supportive of the safe exploration of genuine intimacy

The workshops will last 3 hours and cost £15.

Places limited to 10 people.